Thursday, November 21, 2013

flying-off eve!

The night before one of our trips is probably like the night before one of your trips: a bit of a flurry -- oh did we remember this? that? do you have one of those? no, do you, should we? A bit of excitement, after the long wait. A bit of anxiety about the weather there. A bit of a rush because it was too early to do things but then somehow it's suddenly nearly too late.

And so we breathe. We have our passports and our boarding passes, we have our paperwork for the hotels, and so whatever else we need, we'll either buy there or forget about. Without sounding too much like Doris Day, whatever it will be, it will be. Que sera.

You might want to sign up for email updates so you get our posts in your email; look in the right sidebar there, underneath the photo of us taken earlier this year at Borobodur. You'll only get an email when we post, no other time, and for no other reason. We expect to have easy Internet access the whole time and if that's the case, I try to post and upload pictures every day (as you know if you've followed our travel blogs over the years beginning with our first trip together to Vietnam in 2005, all collected here). The blogs have improved over the years, better photographs (much nicer camera!), better storytelling (much more experience writing!), but still and always great food and places to see, and a lot of happiness to be there eating and seeing it. We love your comments and try to answer them all.

With this we say ගිහිල්ලා එන්නම් (gihillā ennam), which means we say goodbye to you. I expect the next post I'll write here will be extolling the glories of kotthu roti or breakfast egg hoppers. Pictures to come!


  1. Have a great trip, Lori! I know that flying-off eve scenario all too well. It's always such a relief to finally board the plane and taxi down the runway. That's my Doris Day moment. :-) Looking forward to your travel tales!

    1. Kristie! I know you do know this routine, you world traveler, you. I love the taxi down the runway moment too, and can't wait for it today. xo