Monday, December 2, 2013

food glorious food, spicy mangoes and veggies

This morning we did what we most love to do when we travel: we found our way to the markets. People usually ask me what kinds of things we do -- do we visit museums, for instance -- but this is what we do. We check out the markets and we try to eat all the local food we can find.

one of Marc's art shots -- eggplants and a beautiful wedge of pumpkin

banana market

Buddha watches over all

fish market stall

smaller fish market stall, right on the water

A big street along the water front. It feels like this to be in Galle.


more vegetables

the pineapple lady


mango slices, salted and sprinkled with chili -- SO good!

spice shack -- lots of turmeric there in front

or just buy spices already ground

a tailor's shop -- I just loved the turquoise color and the falling-apartness of it

tuk-tuk and an ox cart
It's hot and steamy here this morning, so we're walking and resting, walking and stopping, eating and resting, repeat. We went to a tiny little cafe along the rampart in Galle Fort for lunch today and shared a wonderful kotthu roti with chicken and egg and veg:

this is so so good. I can't wait for Marc to learn how to make it for me.

Galle is a really great city; I can understand how the place works, I have a sense of what it is to live here. Galle Fort is a good bit touristy, like a smaller and quieter French Quarter, somehow, though not nearly as trashy. There are a lot of museums here if that's your thing!

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